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What is the best method to keep my headphones for a longer time

What is your favourite feature of my headset? In my opinion, I like the design job – It is cooler than an Inuits underpants!

earpieceHello and welcome to the new group of replies to those earpiece questions. Ever wanted to know about something headphone, earphone or receiver linked? Now’s your chance. Due to a great amount of questions we’re so often asked, you’ll find we’ve dipped into our mailbag and selected the nine most relevant (and most often submitted) questions. Enjoy.

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Part One: How can I make my headsets last for a longer time?

Headsets are a vital part of modern music. During the bad old days, headphones were attached to stationary turntables and really the only transportable music emanated chiefly from ‘Ghetto Blasters’, which a style of transportable tape player, like the one that incurs the wrath of Mr. Spock in Star Trek 5, the one about the whales.

This essentially meant that if you ever wanted to play some music whilst out and about, (and lets face it, who does not?) everyone else within the immediate vicinity had to listen to it also.
Today, as any peep out of the closest window must inform you, virtually everybody is playing music inconspicuously and comfortably with the employment of iPods, MP3 players and what-have-you. However, your headsets, the source of your audio pleasure (see what I did there? nyuk nyuk) are lots like your clothes or your vehicle in that they go all over the place with you and occasionally require some TLC to keep them running for longer.

Wear is the main killer of headphones (unless, like me, you sit on them after they’re in your bag whilst at work…D’oh!) and as such, you may need to be aware of the following risks.

1) Winding: wrapping your headphones around your MP3 player may look like a great way to store them, but be aware of winding it up too snugly. If you wrap the cables too tightly or firmly, you’re more likely to tear the silicon wiring inside, it will cause lasting damage to the wires, resulting in damage to quality or complete lack of sound altogether.

2) Fluids: Your earphones may seem water-resistant, but in truth, they’re simply not. The speakers soak up fluid, this could warp them permanently, distorting all future music. Rain you can cope with, but be wary of sweat when jogging or exercising and, obviously, watch out for spilled drinks.

3) Heat: For the identical reason that fluids are terrible (but additionally with an added threat of the wiring) extreme heat is an incredibly poor thing for earphones. Stay away from leaving them in the path of direct sunlight for very long, or trying to microwave them whilst drunk.

Caring for the headphones is a comparatively simple task, if the sound becomes distorted, its sometimes a good idea to clean out the speakers with a dry cotton bud, just dabbing away on the grease or make up that may develop in there. If the problem persists, run the cotton bud under some warm water and try washing out your ears. That now and then works.